Why Choose Us

This is what Ofsted says about our staff team:

“Children are happy at this nurturing, inclusive nursery. Staff work effectively as a team in planning activities for children. Children behave well, as activities are varied and engaging. Children approach activities with curiosity, and staff further develop their play and model language well. Quality interactions strengthen learning and children’s emotional security.”

“The key-person system is effective. Staff know all the children well. Children feel safe and secure, as staff quickly form close bonds with children and their parents. Parents say that communication is good. They receive feedback daily as well as written feedback each half term. ‘Idea packs’, which help children to learn at home, are sent out regularly. This further strengthens the parent partnership working and ensures all children are well supported.”

“Children enjoy a range of healthy snacks. Staff sit with children and encourage good manners. Children use tongs to serve themselves fruit. This enhances their independence and fine motor skills.”

“There are plenty of opportunities for children to develop mathematically. Mathematics displays with key words are used by staff to further promote mathematical language.”

“Staff enjoy sharing books with children and bringing stories to life using meaningful resources. This allows children opportunities to join in, which promotes their language development and a love of reading.”

“Children understand what makes them unique and appreciate each other’s differences.”

“Effective strategies for supporting children who speak English as an additional language are in place, and these children make good progress.”

“There are plenty of opportunities throughout the nursery to support children’s mark making and fine motor development.”

“Children show independence and behave well, responding to nursery routines.”

“The experienced manager leads with passion and has clear plans in place to further develop the provision. She knows all the children well and ensures there is effective communication with parents. She signposts parents to children’s centres and other activities outside of nursery so they can further support their children. Staff are well supported under her leadership, both emotionally and professionally, and all enjoy working as part of this dedicated team.”

“The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. Regular risk assessments are carried out to ensure children can safely access all areas of the nursery, both indoors and outdoors.”

Physical Development, Social Development and Play

Children have a beautiful, bright hall , large classroom, art room and garden to learn, socialise and exercise everyday. Our outstanding staff team provide varied and interesting activities for the children to take part in according to their interests for example planting fruit and vegetables in the summer.

Well-being and Readiness for School

Our dedicated staff team and our varied environment will ensure that your child will be very happy and make excellent progress in readiness for school

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